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Empowering Your Life With Creative Guidance


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Master Certified Law Of Attraction Life Coach

Reiki Master Practioner Teacher

Light Body Practitioner Teacher

I will help you use the Law of Attraction to find Personal Empowerment so you can have meaningful relationships and achieve your personal, professional and financial goals. “ 

 I will also help you transcend your trauma, abolish the affects of your abuse and become victorious over being a victim.”

What my coaching can do for you:

  • Improve Your Relationship with Yourself as a Reflection of All Other Personal and Professional Relationships in Your Life.
  • Help You Connect with Your True Self and Inner Guidance System.
  •  Easily transcend your trauma, abolish the affects of abuse and become victorious over being a victim.

What tools I use to help you:

  • Intuitive guidance
  • Personalized Guided Meditations
  • Future Visioning
  • Past Regression Healing
  • Law of Attraction Processes and Techniques
  • 7 Essential Universal Laws
  • Self Empowerment coaching
  • Self Awareness coaching
  • A safe place created and held for you so you can shift, grow, heal and achieve your heart’s desires
  • Energy Healing Techniques 

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It’s time to Finally find Personal FREEDOM from the Limiting Beliefs and Patterns that have been keeping you a victim to your Past!

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